Because art enhances people’s lives, stimulates thinking & conversation, and because cultural vibrancy attracts economic growth, art and art organizations, like BAGA, are important to our communities.

When you become a member of Bismarck Art & Galleries Association, you’re providing a rewarding experience for yourself while contributing to the sustainability of the gallery and the communities we serve.

We offer three types of membership:

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller


Every exhibit and reception or special event we host costs about $700 to produce. Expenses include planning, travel, advertising, printing, postage, marketing, music, shipping, appetizers, beverages, glasses, napkins, and more. Although we are blessed to have many volunteers who bring appetizers, and we receive 30% commission for any sold artwork, it’s not enough to cover the expenses associated with each reception. Please note, to be the ONLY sponsor of an exhibit, your contribution would need to be at the $700 level. Otherwise, we will combine sponsors for events to cover our ever-rising costs. Thank you.


At our core, we support artists by connecting them to audiences and resources. But the benefit of having art in our community is so much more than that! The arts attract tourists and creatives, which benefits our economy; Thriving arts districts preserve our region’s cultural heritage and encourage youth to pursue creative endeavors; and art is a form of expression and release, which reduces depression and stress.  


Bismarck Art & Galleries Association is a 501(c)3 private non-profit under Federal ID Number 45-0372046. We have been in operation since 1983 and are governed by a board of directors. All donations received are fully deductible to the extent allowable by U.S law. 


If you would like to have a profound impact on the gallery, please consider meeting with an estate planning professional to properly include the Bismarck Art & Galleries Association in your estate plan. Your gift should specifically name the Bismarck Art & Galleries Association (Tax ID 45-0372046), which is a qualified charitable organization under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


When you support BAGA, you’re supporting artists and your community!

We’re grateful to these business partners and members

  • Bain Insurance Agency
  • Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative
  • Bolinske Law
  • Dakota Media Access
  • Dakota West Arts Council
  • Grand Theatres
  • Hang with Marci and David
  • McQuade Distributing
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